Thursday, 29 August 2013

India Jungle Tours – Discover the Exclusive Wild Richness

Jungles in India are always seen with an aura of mystique and mystery. Shrouded with dense forests, these jungles are a world where abundant wildlife thrives in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings. This is because of the differential climate conditions in the country that accommodate the plenty of flora and fauna.
The sheer wonderments here contain the finest wildlife bounties in different directions. There are tigers in the north and central India, black bucks in the west, one horned rhinoceroses in the north-east, tigers and
turtles in the east, Nilgiri tahrs and elephants in the south; adding on to the varied wild cover of the country.
Not a single forest in the country is same as the other. During the wild expeditions, an enthusiast can come across one or the many of rare animal species, thanks to the bestowed wildlife cover. Besides the wild population, it’s the presence of medicinal herbs, flora and other natural wonders that have attracted the mankind to the forests since antiquity. The visitors, fascinated with the endowed forests always made it a mission to venture the forests of the country. These brave-hearts ventured into these fierce jungles to satiate their demands. Some royals in the past too made it a point to begin hunting expeditions for their entertainment whereas the local hunters shot the wild for their livelihood.
This continuous hunting has surely reduced the numbers of the untamed. As a result, many of them got extinct due to continuous threats. But now it’s not the case. The country has realized that the presence of these wild bounties is as important as the mankind itself. Imagine if all the wild species go extinct. The mankind will also become extinct. Now, no world can envisage this crisis situation. To divert this possibility, India has taken strong steps to protect the wildlife of the country. It has created protected National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Bird Sanctuaries to protect these wild species.
To encourage the wild cover, the country has even started wild jungle tours and jungle safaris. During these special interest tours, a visitor or a tourist gets to visit the buffer zones of identified forests in a responsible way. This special jungle tour also contributes to the preservation of the wild species. This way, a wildlife traveller gets a chance to cherish and respect the existence of the wild habitats.
This enlightening excursion allows the adventurers to sit in a jeep or atop an elephant safari to view the bestowed forested land and the thriving population therein. During the time spent inside the buffer zone, the travellers can see the striped stalkers – tigers, lions, musk deers, Nilgiri tahrs, Asian elephants, etc, in their natural habitats.

India Jungle tours offer a great way to visit the exclusive national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and bird sanctuaries. And promote the equable ecosystem based on mutual respect and harmony through the exclusive wildlife tour packages.

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