Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Wildlife Resorts – Escape to the Wild Side of India

India Wildlife Tour
Wildlife attracts a lot of tourists to India. In fact, many of the tourists yearn to have a glimpse of striped tigers, Asiatic Lions, elephants, peacocks, musk deer and the list is endless. Their appetite for thrills and adventurous encounters with the wild is the intrinsic element why tourists escape to the Indian wild side. For such travellers who want to have full fledged wildlife experience beyond early morning and sunset safaris can book their spot within the wildlife resorts of the country. Usually, these resorts have a plush accommodation within the national parks and sanctuaries and provide the finest of experiences in the wilderness. There are a number of preferred wildlife resorts throughout the country that even make the India a thriving host for wildlife adventurers.
In north India, there are many a famous wildlife parks boasting equally famous wildlife resorts of the region. Jim Corbett Park in the foothills of Uttaranchal harbours 50 + mammal species, 580 species of birds and around 25 species of reptiles. Along with this, the destination also holds a large number of resorts to bring the travellers really close to the natural habitats of wild species. Some of the famous accommodation options located near the dense jungles of Corbett national park are Quality Inn Corbett Jungle Resort, Claridges Corbett Hideaway, Corbett Ramganga Resort, Camp Forktail Creek, etc. Staying within these jungle accommodations allow the travellers to stay amidst the surreal natural wilderness and indulge in exciting escapades of nature.

Towards west in Rajasthan’s semi arid forests, there is Ranthambore national park where the mighty tigers rule the den. Located in the ancient scrubby zone of Aravalis, this park hosts an exotic range of mammals, birds and reptiles. Ranthambore wildlife resorts in the close proximity of the concentrated park provide travellers a rich opportunity to stay up close with the faunal heritage of the region. Some of the famous resorts and lodges at Ranthambore are Tiger Den Resort, Tiger Moon Resort, Hammir Wildlife Resort, Sawai Madhopur Lodge and Sher Bagh Resort.
Wildlife Resorts in India
In the extreme opposite of Ranthambore rests Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO recognized world heritage site famous as the home for one horned rhinoceroses. Hosting the world’s 1/3rd population of rhinos in its periphery, this natural location is also a prominent base for spotting rich wildlife and enjoying lots of recreational and adventure activities. In terms of accommodation, the destination hosts prominent Kaziranga Wildlife Resorts including Wildlife Grass Lodge, Kaziranga Resort, Aranya Tourist Lodge and Bonhabi Resort.
Towards South, there are bountiful stretches of forests that provide thriving habitats to the flourishing wildlife. One such destination renowned for wildlife in the region is Periyar. One of the most crowd pulling sanctuaries of the UNESCO recognized Western Ghats, this location is bestowed with dense forests, lake and an enchanting blend of animals, birds and reptiles. Spotting herds of elephants is the main attraction here. Owing to the large inflow of tourists, there are many of the wildlife resorts located in close proximity of the park. Some of them are Spice Village, Taj Garden Retreat, Aranya Nivas, Lake Palace and Cardamom County Resort.

Besides the above mentioned locations, there are many other wildlife resorts across the country that provides the travellers an exciting opportunity to stay up close with the treasured flora and fauna of the country. Also, they allow the travellers to enjoy the recreational and adventure activities with the world class hospitality. In fact, they are a perfect escape to the country’s wild side.