Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Jungles of India – The Lively Mix of Wild Heritage

India along with Africa boasts one of the largest and the last remaining concentrations of wildlife on this planet. Gifted with a diverse wildlife cover, these two regions are best known as wildlife destinations of the world. India alone features over 80 National Parks and 400 Sanctuaries covering across 4.5% of this large country. This has clearly differentiated the country from the rest of the world, as no single nation has so many protected parks and sanctuaries especially for wildlife.
The widespread wild cover across the nation is one of its greatest wealth and natural heritage. And the highly concentrated buffer zones here form a plentiful abode for the wildlife. The country supports over 500 mammal species and 1200 kinds of birds. This rich wild family here is also an interesting reason why tourists avail the Indian Jungle Safari. This is a sensitized way to understand the wild animals without disturbing them or their habitats. A kind of an eco friendly tour, such a journey is an experiential one, allowing tourists to garner the elusive sightings of the rare wild animals. And if luck and light are on their side, they can even capture them and the rare moment of life in the form of photographs.
The majestic tigers can be spotted in the wild lands of the Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan in abundance. But that doesn’t mean the tigers are rare in other wild forests. There are many wildlife sanctuaries and project tiger reserves throughout the country that easily accommodate the tigers in their periphery. So, it can be said that a wildlife tour package in this country will surely guarantee tiger sightings. If not tiger sightings, a wildlife enthusiast can spot the footprints of the wild cat.
Besides tigers, there are a number of fascinating animals which thrive in the Indian jungles. These include many kinds of antelopes and deer like black bucks present in the forests of the west, Chinkara in the deserts of Rajasthan, swamp deer in the east India, etc. Also, there are spotted deer or ‘Chital’ present in the country, adding on to the lucrative wild cover of the country.
In the cool mountainous forest zones of the country, one can find mountain goats in the form of the Himalayan Tahr in the Himalayas, Nilgiri Tahr in the Western Ghats and Yak in Eastern Himalayan belt.  Elephants can also be spotted throughout the country, but their largest concentration can be seen in the green forests of Western Ghats in South India.

There is more to wildlife in the country than just the few of the above mentioned species. To find more about the country’s rich wildlife, a wildlife enthusiast needs to know about a number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in the country. Only then, a wildlife tourist can actually select the national parks to be included during their India Jungle tour

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