Monday, 14 April 2014

View Wildlife In The Wild during India Jungle Tours

Jungles are no more used to scare naughty kids, but are also being used creatively as a rich tourism attraction in India. More than just the location where the best of wildlife stay in their natural habitat, these dense forests have also become a great reason to discover nature. These forests are safe for travelling and have given the rise to wildlife tours and travelling in the country.
Unlike manmade zoos, these wildlife protected areas give natural setting for different animals to flourish. The special wildlife tours allow tourists to cherish the first hand experience of being in the company of the wildlife and in turn rediscover their passion for wildlife. A fascination for all, wildlife is another beautiful part of the planet earth apart from humans.
Wildlife tourism is the only way through which humans get to view wildlife in their natural habitats. It is like enjoying the company of wildlife by paying the responsible visit to their homes. The special jungle tours are a responsible way of eco tourism initiative having a little bit of adventure in every journey. The thrill and excitement of spotting a rare species of a tiger, or deer is beyond any other experience on earth. Not just it awe-inspires a tourist, but also creates awareness amongst them to help preserve the creation of God, i.e. wildlife and wilderness.
In a world where concrete jungles are more in numbers than green jungles, wildlife preservation and safeguarding is the need of the hour. In this scenario, a variety of jungle tours in India have evolved as a responsive way of travelling. Not just it increases knowledge about the wildlife amongst the visitors; it also keeps the presence of animals and other faunal heritage in check. The continual footfall of tourists in the dense and usually isolated jungles helps keep huntsmen away from the wildlife and save them from potential threats.
This in turn helps in increasing the numbers of rare & threatened species and even contributes to wildlife cover in the country. Also, it provides the livelihood for locals who accompany tourists to their wildlife safaris. It creates a win-win situation for both the wildlife and humans. For wildlife, the special jungle tourism gives them safe habitats where they can roam freely. And for humans, the special tour initiatives introduce them to the rich wildlife cover of the country and help them reconnect with the nature.

 More about wildlife can be understood during a special wildlife tour through many national parks and wildlife resorts in the country. 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Wildlife And Tourist – How Can We Bring Them On The Same Platform?

Does tourism disturb the wildlife in their natural habitats or actually help in their conservation? This is a matter of debate since many decades. Some people feel that tourism leaves footprints that are degrading the ecological balance of the jungles, whereas there are others who believe that it is a constant watch to help safeguard wild species. As both the points are correct, we can actually create a middle way to help achieve the best wildlife preservation and conservation.
Responsible tourism is the answer that addresses the concerns about wild species and their security in the most interesting way. It is not just a leisure way of travelling where tourists observe and enjoy being in proximity of the wild species in jungles. Besides being in the jungles and observing the wild, humans also learn the basic lesson of mankind living in harmony with Mother Nature. It is also a responsible way of promoting wildlife in the most natural way.
Through this special tourism initiative, tourists not only contribute to the tourism revenue, but even focus on conservation and protection of endangered species. Jungle safaris are an answer to those who believe that wild species should be kept away from tourists in order to be safe. But this results in flipside situation, giving poachers perfect grounds for hunting.
Wildlife tourism in such a case brings regular footfall throughout the day, leaving no scope for hunters to kill precious wild species. Besides saving animals from prospective threats, this responsible tourism also helps save their natural habitats from massive deforestation. The wild-watching turns wild species from mere animals to the assets. In fact, many tourists turn towards the wild forests in an assurance to spot the tigers, herds of elephants or other rare exotic species.
The tourists visiting a sanctuary or a national park and even photographing the wild species acts as a passive endorsement for preserving planet and its endowed natural wealth. The closer contact between tourists and natural environment also develops awareness that lead to environmentally conscious behavior.
Also, responsible tourism practices make sure that tourists follow travel advisory of not throwing litter and garbage in the wildlife concentrated zones and view wild species from a distance. This ways, we can make sure the wilderness and animals are conserved with the combined efforts of tourists and authorities.

Any wildlife lover can avail such an experiential tour during an India jungle tour. During this, can tourists can visit national parks, wildlife reserves and contribute to promote wildlife in their own way. 

Friday, 24 January 2014

Reason for wildlife tours to India

India is a renowned wildlife tourism destination worldwide after South Africa. This country is filled with many wildlife wonders that can be experienced during wildlife tours. There are many motives and reasons based on which wildlife tours are taken. We are mentioning some of the prominent reasons behind a wildlife tour to India.
1.       Love of animals – This is the basic reason why many tourists turn towards jungles. You want to observe large and charismatic mammals in the forests and promote conservation of their natural habitats. You believe in balance between nature and mankind and want to take forward the legacy of being close to the nature, without disturbing the balance. The incredible range of wildlife in India fascinates you and pulls you towards a jungle tour. Your love for them is clearly visible when you look at the diverse flora and fauna with great interest.  For animal lovers like you, there are many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks scattered throughout the country that help in preserving the wildlife in its natural form.
2.       Curious About Animals – Wildlife tourism also thrives on curiosity. You don’t know more about animals, but are curious to find out more about the staggering diversity of Indian wildlife. Beyond tigers, elephants, and deers, Indian wildlife hosts huge number of wild species that can be spotted during a wildlife tour to India. While on a wildlife safari, the local guides will brush up your knowledge about the rare animals, birds and other species. All this will surely satiate the curiosity about animals in India.
3.       Photograph the Animals – You are passionate about wildlife photography and want to photograph rare and exotic animals in the natural setting during a jungle tour. And you can easily do it, as snapping the wild species in their natural habitats is permitted to tourists. But before clicking the shots, make sure to follow the instructions of a Safari Tour guide to ensure your safety in an animal-friendly way.

These are few of the many reasons why tourists and wildlife enthusiasts take a wildlife tour to India. Also, there are many wildlife tour packages in India that cater to the ever exciting spirit of wildlife lover with a variety of wild trails to choose from.